Dhamma, Tantra & more …

Die wahre Natur unseres Wesens ist
unbeschreiblich, unfassbar und unbegrenzt …

Einfach überweltlich!


The bravest thing you can ever do, is to stay kind and soft even when the world has been cruel to you.

be kind – Nikita Gill

There was a time I would reject those who were not of my faith.

But now, my heart has grown capable of taking on all forms.

It is a pasture for gazelles,
An abbey for monks.
A table for the Torah,
A temple for the idols Kaaba for the pilgrim.

My religion is love.

Whichever the route love’s caravan shall take,
That shall be the path of my faith.


Wer vom Töten Abstand nimmt;
Wer nur nimmt was ihm gegeben;
Wer stets die Wahrheit spricht;
Findet sicher einen Weg das Leiden zu beenden.

Dies ist die Essenz des Guten!

Die Essenz des Guten – G.W.

Don’t make excuses and complains & be kind to your Self.

– G.W.

Be kind – G.W.

You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing obsolete.

Buckminster Fueller

Don’t fight reality – Buckminster Fueller