Recognise the aspect of immortality
I came to the Earth to life a humans life.
I lost the remeberings from where i came to the Earth.
I felt myself as separated, trapped in my body.
I tried to get out of here and now.
It was impossible, to remember where i came from and it was impossible to escape here and now.
I was helpless in face of ethernity, then i had begun to deal humble and concentrated.

After a while i acceptded my new expirienced form as the reality of myself.
In the beginnings i apeared myself only as Hands, Feets and Belly.
I could close my eyes, then it was dark.
There where figures like me, they explained me somethings, i understud nothing of all.
I did the same like these other forms.
So i became family.
Remember Your life, from the beginning till now.
There is a phenomen who never changed totaly nor desapeared.
The never changing thing in life is Your presence inside you.

We the immortals are able to multidimensional telepathic conversation.
We the immortals, play with a substance.
The name of that substance is „nothing“.
Nothing is a very thin substance, she is so thin, that she react by regarding on it.

She give us, if we watch it, a idea if apearance, it shines lightly.
We use our beliefing, to make the lightly shining apearence durable in our minds.
So we create some Culture of belefing.
We belief the concret.
We belief the Room.
We belief the Now.

We beliefe everything out of this nothing, then we integrate what we beliefed in, so we create rememberings.

Each of us immortals has a owen view into the „nothing“ and all of us share our realitys with our multidimensional telepathic communication.
That is the reason why we appear in each others realms.

We are fascinated from the human form.
The human form has the beautyfull effect to us, of feeling human feelings.
We enyoy our spiritual resonance, inside the human form.
The resonance of pure yoy and endless shades of ananda.
These feelings are full of colors.
Some of us love to forget where they are originaly from, they identificate fully as human, then they become blindness and loses the rememberings of their immortality.

It is a way to play the Game with form and mortality of that form.
That makes it more intensif and we love this intensity.

So we give hints to the blinded immortals, to awake them carefully while there are inside the human form, forgotten in their dreams of a humans life on planet earth.
Some of them realise these hints and became enligthenment about what the cosmos can be for them.
So they became trancecendental awareness inside their human body, what is the most beautyfull thing that we knew.
Then we remember what we truly are and where we originaly came from.
So their lifes becomes a dance in paradise.

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